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Training is a popular approach to employee development, based on a relationship between two people, the coach and the individual. The individual typically wants to improve his or her understanding of a situation, learn new skills, prepare for new situations, or improve performance areas. The coach may provide a variety of services to help the individual improve his or her performance. In a race to excel most of one's competitors, coaching classes along with other institutions have become a resort for the betterment of student's academic performances. Hammering of the matter into the student's heads by means of continuous reiteration in written or oral form has become the way most coaching classes function today. Mathematical 'magic tricks' are taught without the students actually understanding the reasons behind why things happen the way they do 'magically'! On the lines of the typical 'chicken and egg syndrome', coaching classes have given rise to a controversy on whether the coaching classes have arisen due to inefficiency of the teachers at schools or vice versa i.e. the schools have started getting increasingly inefficient with the encroachment of coaching classes on their space. All kinds of teachers have existed in schools - those who do not handle their assignments well enough, along with the better ones. They charge higher for helping their students get higher marks. Anyhow, we can agree that they are a by-product of capitalism. Economist Jean-Baptiste claimed that supply creates its own demand.


Sudipta Priyadarshinee

"High performing team and hard-working culture. Some people don't want this (or they think they want it until they're actually in it) but for me, I love that … "

Biswajeet Mohanty

"I learned many things here and probably feel like professor here are very nice. They always provide us with different opportunities"

Biswajeet Soren

"The opportunity to learn and grow is amazingly generous. I've had the opportunity to travel around the world, attending conferences, collaborating with some of the best leaders and marketing teams in the industry."

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